/// Ideal for the transition from piston filler to modern vacuum fillers /// Easy to order /// Good value /// Corrosion-free pump system /// Flexible use /// Gentle on products /// Low maintenance /// Optimum hygiene features /// Intuitive touchscreen operation /// One machine for all products /// Low wear due to fixed mounting of linking gear /// Feeding technology consists of only two parts: double screw and housing /// Simple handling: casing holding device and spiral stopper may remain on the machine /// No extra tools required to set up casing holding device /// No wear to the casing holding device


Self-installation for maximum output

We deliver to 600 stations around the world. There will certainly be a station near you. (Stations are areas such as ports or handling centers). On request we deliver your sausage-linker.com directly to your head office.

Five steps to the machine:

  1. Send request
  2. Receive offer
  3. Payment
  4. Delivery
  5. Unpack and get started

This offer is exclusively for Commerce, trade, industry and professionals.

Globally Recognized


The complete solution for portioning sausages — easy to operate, inexpensive to purchase, universal usage, for 1a sausage specialties.
The sausage-linker.com is delivered in full. All you need to do is insert the double screw, replace the casing holding device, plug the connector into the socket and you are ready to go. You will hardly find a better upgrade in vacuum filler technology.

There are 1000 good reasons why you need to have the sausage-linker.com. And you can find 15 of these above on the ticker.


  • Quick


    Setting up and assembling the sausage-linker.com is child's play. Assembly is largely done without the need for tools. See the simple installation steps here – anyone can do it.

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  • Simple


    Operating the sausage-linker.com is intuitive. You control all parameters using the large touchscreen display: the weight of sausages, the speed, the links... and everything else that is important in making a good sausage.

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  • Successful


    A butcher's shop stands out by the specialties it offers: local specialties and, if you like, international ones, too. We have a selection of delicious recipes to inspire you with these specialties.

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  • Secure


    Arrange your sausage-linker.com directly at this shop. The Shop is simple to navigate and use, and also secure. All data is treated as strictly confidential.

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