10% R 2b beef with a higher proportion of sinew and max. 5% visible fat, raw
35% S 3b pork with higher proportion of sinew and max. 5% visible fat, raw
25% S 9 bacon layers without rind, raw
10% S 6 cheeks without rind, raw
20% beaten egg whites

Spices and ingredients per kg volume
18.0 g nitrite curing salt
2.0 g pepper
0.5 g mace
0.3 g coriander
0.5 g paprika
0.2 g ginger
3.0 g cutter additives
1.0 g color stabilizer

1. Weigh out the spices and ingredients in batch quantities
2. Prepare the right amount of beaten egg whites
3. Grind everything in batch quantities
4. The mixture reaches the bowl-cutter and is slowly cut into; add curing salt and cutter aid approx. 3 rounds. Then cut into the beaten egg whites. The product is cut using the fast gear into a finely ground mass.
5. Fill the finished sausage meat straight after cutting.
Casings: 280 meters skins, caliber 22/24
Curing: 60 minutes at 60–70°C
Cooking time: 15 minutes at 70°C
Production loss: 12%
Unit weight: 40–50g linked in pairs

Source: "Die Fabrikation feiner Fleisch- und Wurstwaren" (The Production of Fine Meat and Sausage), Recipe 2419, p. 206, "Wiener Sausages"