Hard smoked sausage

10% R 2 beef, de-sinewed, with max. 5% visible fat, raw
50% S 2 pork without sinew, with max. 5% visible fat, raw
40% S 21 leaf fat

Spices and ingredients per kg volume
30.0 g nitrite curing salt
1.0 g starter cultures

1. Grind the beef using the 2-mm plate.
2. Cut the pork and leaf fat into easy-to-grind pieces and cool thoroughly.
3. Evenly blend the entire mixture, beef, pork, leaf fat and curing salt and ingredients together, and then grind using the 5-mm plate.
Casings: synthetic casings for air-dried raw sausage types.
Maturation: 2–3 days at 18–20°C room temperature, at 90–85% humidity.
Production loss: 30%
Note: The original recipe stipulates the use of lard without a top. The particular character of the product is that only salt is added and no spices.

Source: "Die Fabrikation feiner Fleisch- und Wurstwaren" (The Production of Fine Meat and Sausage", Recipe 1474, pg. 118, "Spanische Dauerwurst, luftgetrocknet" (Spanish Hard Smoked Sausage, air-dried)