33.5% R 1 beef, fat and sinew removed, raw
1.5% L 1 lamb, fat-and sinew removed, raw
40% S 1 pork, fat and sinew removed, raw
25% S 8 back fat without rind, raw

Spices and ingredients per kg volume
30.0 g nitrite curing salt
1.0 g starter cultures
4.0 g pepper, ground
0.5 g ginger
4.0 g rum with garlic*
5.0 g Italian red wine
Casings for 100 kg: 90 units, caliber 60/50, synthetic casings

Preparatory work
Prepare the mixture in batch quantities that correspond to the capacity of the bowl-cutter. Chill the entire mixture through 48–72 hours at minus 25°C before producing the salami.


1. Prepare the spices and ingredients according to the recipe.
2. Separate the deep-frozen mixture into fist-sized pieces so that the cutter blade is able to grip and grind it.
3. Store the chopped mixture in the chill room for a brief period.
4. If the temperature is warm in the production room, the bowl-cutter should be cooled down to freezing.
5. Put the beef and the pork S 2 into the slow-running bowl-cutter.
6. When the -bowl-cutter has grabbed the meat, let it until it reaches the finest particle size.
7. Then add bacon and the pork S 1 and continue to cut to the required particle size.
8. Salt and spices must be added at the same time so they can be mixed well with the sausage meat.
9. At the end of the cutting process, the mixture should clump together easily so that it can be filled immediately.
Production loss: 30%
1. Footnote 18 of the guidelines for meat and meat products must be observed.
2. Mutton is treated like beef.
*Rum with garlic

A first-class rum variety is added to whole or ground garlic. Before using this mixture, let it develop for approx. 6–12 hours. The following quantities of garlic are recommended per liter of rum:
1. Whole garlic clove: Five medium-sized cloves per liter; these are cut into four parts respectively. The garlic is sieved out before using the rum.
2. Ground garlic: 2 cloves, chopped and ground with the back of the knife.
3. Garlic mix (garlic finely chopped 50%, cooking salt 50%): 4 g per liter of rum

Source: "Die Fabrikation feiner Fleisch- und Wurstwaren" (The Production of Fine Meat and Sausage), Recipe 1409, pg. 101, "Salami, Italienische Art" (Salami, Italian Style)