70% pork shoulder
30% fresh back fat, rind removed

Spices and ingredients per kg volume
22 g curing salt
23 g paprika powder, hot
2 g oregano
2g thyme
4 g garlic, granulated or fresh
4 g pepper, black
½ g jalapeño pepper, ground Habaneros

Cut the meat into easy-to-grind cubes and lightly fry. Thoroughly mix the salt and spices, sprinkle over the frozen meat cubes and fold well. Grind using the 8-mm disc and knead again, add 1/2 cup of water or red wine if necessary. Allow to dry for three days and then smoke.
Casings: hog casings, caliber 28/30

Source: www.chefkoch.de/rezepte/2044501330965735/Chrissis-Chorizo.html