Reliable operation

Maintenance Instructions

Good machines not only require little maintenance; these tasks are also especially easy to carry out. The sausage-linker.com is made with master craftsmen for small businesses. All maintenance, such as greasing or checks, cleaning or replacements, is simple, quick and can be carried out using standard tools.

Maintenance interval Operating hours Component Maintenance work
Weekly 20 Feeder drive Drive. Lubricate bearings and seals every two weeks if the feed unit is running slowly
40 Air filter in the intake pipe to the vacuum pump Check Air filter in the intake pipe to the vacuum pump for soiling. Clean filter cartridge in the air filter and replace if heavily soiled.
40 Vacuum pump Check oil level
Monthly 160 Double screw drive Check oil level. Check seals.
160 Vacuum pump Check intake air filter (clean/replace)
½ yearly 1000 Feeder seals Have the seals checked by VEMAG customer service
1000 Vacuum pump Clean vacuum pump
Annually 2000 Feeder drive Check parts from VEMAG customer service and have the feeder seals changed.
2000 Vacuum pump Change oil/Change oil removal filter/Change gas ballast valve
2 x per year 4000 Double screw drive Change oil