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Installation instructions

The installation wizard guides you through how to operate the machine. Each individual step is displayed exactly on an easily readable display located on the filler – with sparse text and large clear pictures: It couldn't be easier.

sausage-linker.com has been developed for you – by masters for masters, for your products. Installation and implementation is designed to be quick and easy, without any unnecessary steps. Everything is pre-planned, everything works. To find out how simple the procedure is just download the instructions directly:

Written instructions




double screw housing

1. The first step is to install the double screw housing. 

2. The inlet bore on the double screw housing must be pointing upward. The bore on the front side must be pointing downward. 

3. Insert the double screw housing into the machine‘s delivery cylinder. 

4. Apply pressure to insert the double screw housing fully. 

5. Open the cover. 

6. Look into the hopper.

7. Look at the double screw, which can be seen at the bottom in the middle. 

8. Close the cover. 


double screws

 1. The double screws can be adjusted by turning them. „L“ on the left-hand side. 

2. Turn the coupling slots on the double screws so that they are facing each other at a dihedral angle. 

3. The alignment of the coupling slots on the dou- ble screws must match the position of the wobbler in the double screw housing. 

4. See number 3. 

5. Insert double screws into the double screw housing. 

6. „LEFT“ on the left-hand side. Engage double screw coupling slots in wobbler.
Double screws must be flush with the double screw housing. 

7. See number 6.

8. Are the double screws flush with the double screw housing? If they are, then continue from number „1.3 Filling nozzle.“ If they are not, then dismantle the double screw again as shown in Figure 9. 

9. Hold extractor tool in a horizontal position. 

10. Insert the extractor tool into the bore on the right-hand double screw. 

11. Turn extractor tool to the right until you reach the stop. 

12. Pull double screws out of the double screw housing and secure by hand. 

13. Fault finding:
1. Is the marked double screw on the left?
2. Are the coupling slots aligned in accordance with the position of the wobbler in the housing? 


filling nozzle

1. Align the grooved nut to the threaded flange with the marking facing upward. 

2. Position the grooved nut on the threaded flange and screw in place by turning it to the right. 

3. The grooved nut is screwed down after a maximum of 1.25 rotations up to the stop.

4. Loosen the grooved nut by approx. 60°. The centering pin is positioned below and in the center of the notch in the grooved nut. 

5. Flange-mount the filling nozzle support. The bore for the centering pin must be facing downward. 

6. The filling nozzle support must engage in the centering pin. 

7. Centering pin engaged. 

8. Turn the grooved nut to the right. 

9. Secure the filling nozzle support in place through the grooved nut using the bayonet mount. 

10. Tighten the grooved nut with a combination wrench in order to achieve a complete overlap. 

11. A complete overlap provides maximum security. 

12. Position the filling nozzle nut on the thread of the filling nozzle holder. 

13. Screw the filling nozzle nut in place by turning it to the right. 

14. The open side of the filling nozzle nut must point upward. The filling nozzle nut and threaded flange are internally flush. 

15. The front surfaces are flush with one another or the flange is protruding slightly.
The opening is at the top! 

16. Insert the filling nozzle from above. 

17. Position the filling nozzle in the filling nozzle nut. 

18. Tighten the filling nozzle nut by turning it to the right. 

19. Tighten the filling nozzle nut with a combination wrench. 


linking gear for the casing holding device

1. Loosen the filling nozzle nut with a combination wrench. 

2. Remove the filling nozzle. 

3. Swivel the linking gear into the upper opening on the filling nozzle nut. 

4. Tighten the filling nozzle nut by turning it to the right. 

5. Tighten the filling nozzle nut with a combination wrench. 

6. Fit the casing holding device into the two pins on the linking gear. 

7. See number 6. 

8. Open the lock pin by turning it to the left and position the lever at the bottom. The flattened side on the pin is now on the left. 

9. Swivel the casing holding device into position. 

10. Secure the casing holding device in position with the lock pin. 

11. Turn the ball-head lever to the left. 

12. The cover plate is open. 

13. Insert the adjusting nozzle into the nozzle receptacle. 

14. Insert the adjusting nozzle into the nozzle receptacle. 

15. Adjusting nozzle is securely positioned in the nozzle receptacle. 

16. Loosen hexagon nut from the thread by turning it to the right. 

17. Loosen the hexagon nut with a combination wrench by turning it to the right. 

18. Remove the hexagon nut and position it on the linking horn

19. Fit the linking horn with the hexagon nut in position. 

20. Screw the hexagon nut into position by turning it to the left. 

21. Position the combination wrench on the hexagon nut. 

22. First actuate the blocking lever, then tighten the hexagon nut in an upward-facing position with the combination wrench. 

23. Turn the ball-head lever to the right and close the cover plate. 

24. Adjusting nozzle „X“ must be protruding. Adjust the gap between min. and max. to the optimal distance. 

25. Loosen the nozzle receptacle from the cover plate and adjust the gap. 


the vacuum bell jar

1. Remove the cleaning plug from the vacuum pump connection.

2. Remove the float valve. 

3. Insert the float valve on to the vacuum pump connection as far as the stop.

4. Insert the cleaning plug on the bracket. 

5. Fit the vacuum bell jar. 

6. The vacuum bell jar must be flush with the seal. 


the scraper

1. Open the cover. 

2. Fit the scraper from above. 

3. Insert the scraper onto the feeder screw until you hear it engage. 

4. The scraper must be engaged and flush with the feeder screw. 

5. Close the cover. 


the spiral stopper

1. Insert the bottom end of the spiral stopper into the round hole in the cover. 

2. Insert the screw connection into the thread, ensuring that the guide on the spiral screw is positioned in the centering slot.

3. Ensure the spiral stopper is precisely positioned. 

4. Screw the spiral stopper onto the cover hinge by turning the screw lever to the right. 


the knee lever

1. Loosen the nut on the knee lever slightly with the combination wrench by turning the combination wrench counter-clockwise. 

2. Move the knee lever into a comfortable position for the operator. The knee lever is intended to be operated with the knee when standing in front of the machine. 

3. Move the knee lever to a comfortable height for the operator. 

4. Secure the knee lever in position by tightening the nut. 

5. If necessary, the angle and extension of the knee lever can be adjusted without the need for any tools.