15 Good Reasons

For the sausage-linker.com

There are 1000 good reasons why you should favor the sausage-linker.com. We have summarized just a few of these reasons, which we think are particularly important, for you:

  • Ideal for the transition from piston filler to modern vacuum fillers
  • Easy to order
  • Good value
  • Corrosion-free conveyor system
  • Flexible use
  • Gentle on products
  • Low maintenance
  • Optimum hygiene features
  • Intuitive touchscreen operation
  • One machine for all products
  • Minimal wear thanks to the permanently attached linking gear
  • The conveying mechanism consists of only two parts: double screw and housing
  • Simple handling: casing holding device and spiral stopper may remain on the machine
  • No tools required to set up casing holding device
  • No wear to the casing holding device